CBD Hemp Watermelon Chill Gummies

These hybrid gummies are perfect for a relaxing day anywhere!

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These hybrid gummies are suggested to consume before a beach day, relaxing in the park or just to wind down after a long day.

Product Information:

  • 25mg per gummy
  • 10 gummys per jar
  • 250mg total

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Suggested Use: Eat 1-2 CBD hemp gummies per serving.

Who It’s For: Those seeking relaxation with an easy, discreet and delicious way to
enjoy the benefits of their hemp-derived CBD.

What to Expect: A CBD hemp gummy whose benefits can generally be felt within 2 hours of being eaten. The sweet flavor of Sour Faces can be enjoyed anywhere and may induce a feeling of relaxation and calm.

Why Iremia?
Through our relationships with organic and local hemp farmers in Vermont and Oregon, Iremia focuses on proof of purity through frequent testing, extensive seed-to-harvest quality control and 100% organic and sustainability certifications.

We welcome customers of all backgrounds and experience levels with hemp-based products, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of cannabis and our genuine spirit! Iremia is committed to bringing you the best selection of the highest quality CBD hemp flowers and hemp-based products available, and to making you part of the Iremia community.


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