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This article is for people wondering whether CBD or THC is right for them. It examines the societal stigmas and assumptions as well as the personal experiences of the author to help the reader make a better decision.


In this post, I will be addressing the places of CBD and THC in society and common assumptions, as well as my personal experience smoking both CBD-dominant and THC-dominant flower.

As was mentioned previously, THC is the constituent of the cannabis plant that is known for its ability to get the user ‘high’. This sensation is a psychoactive response in the brain, often combined with a tingly weighted feeling in the body. (Each strain, even when their THC content is comparable, has its own unique effects and will vary person to person.) Outside of its medicinal benefits for certain ailments, THC is used recreationally in many places around the world, though not everywhere legally allows for its recreational use.

Smoking THC-dominant flower is commonly glorified in pop-culture; TV shows, movies, song lyrics, you name it. This has been the case for many years; we’ve seen Cheech and Chong smoking on the big screen, watched our favorite group of young students smoke in The Breakfast Club, and heard many musicians condone its use as well. However, that’s not to say that it is socially accepted. People who smoke THC flower are often called stoners, burnouts, or potheads. These terms often have negative implications, though some people will hold the titles with a sense of pride.

CBD, on the other hand, is just now stepping into the spot light. Sure, we may not see any movies where the characters are raving about CBD, but we are seeing household names endorsing it. CBD has created quite the buzz in the wellness world. The health and fitness industry has capitalized on the recent hype, and other industries are jumping on the CBD train too. You can now find most of your favorite products with some variation of CBD infused in it. So far, it seems CBD has largely escaped any negative stigmas (outside of the cannabis skeptics who refuse to acknowledge any element of the plant as being beneficial).

I was once an avid THC user. Every day, multiple times a day, I was smoking THC-dominant flower. Today, I am so pro-CBD that I have nearly become anti-THC. I personally love smoking, though I have never been a heavy tobacco smoker. I now won’t touch tobacco at all. My favorite thing to smoke is far and beyond CBD flower (specifically, the strain Honolulu Haze from Hemp Garden).

CBD flower and THC flower look nearly identical, especially after being groomed for sale, making them hard to distinguish from each other just by looking at them. When I am out in a social setting rolling up CBD flower to smoke, I am often approached by THC smokers who want to smoke with me. When I tell them it is CBD flower I am met with a common response, Why?”.

Why do I smoke CBD instead of THC these days?

Well for one, it is legal in my local area, so I never have to worry about being seen smoking, and can avoid the paranoia that sometimes accompanies smoking THC flower. Two, I can feel relaxed without spacing out. I like to go out at night, but I am not a drinker. For me, the effects of CBD help me tolerate and enjoy the company of drinkers even when I am not drinking, making my nightlife experiences much more enjoyable. To top it off, CBD flower is much more accessible to me. I can go to my neighborhood Hemp Garden shop and have a friendly encounter with the person working, and walk out of the store onto the street without any risk of being caught, or feeling like I need to hide.

Written By Alyssa Sexton
Image by Jose Luis Sanchez Pereyra on Unsplash




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